Thomas Freeman

InfluencesIan Laidlaw, Pat O'Hara, David Wallace
BioHey, I'm Thomas from Newcastle. I love both photography and film production, and they're things I've been into for a while. I like shooting a variety of different things, especially live music and landscapes. Media production is something I'm keen to do as a career. Wide lenses are my favourite because I love the distortions, perspective shifts and just being able to fit so much in the frame. Check out more of my work on Instagram @tfreeman98
University of Newcastle NSW
Title: Into The Unknown
Style: Landscape
Equipment: Canon 700D, 15-85mm Lens, Tripod.
Specifications: 15mm, f/18, 1/6"
Story: 2020 has really been a crazy year, and with that it bought so much uncertainty. We have been constantly unsure about things going on around the world...
University of Newcastle NSW
Title: in motion
Style: Landscape
Equipment: Samsung S20+, Pixaloop
Specifications: Wide Angle Lens
Story: Uni always feels like everything is constantly moving so quickly and so slowly, and nowhere is that more evident than in 2020. I really wanted to...