Rukmini Ghosh

InfluencesArt Wolfe, National Geographic
Bio3rd year Physiotherapy student trying to catching the fleeting moments and feelings of nature through a camera lens.
University of South Australia SA
Title: The sky meeting the ocean
Style: Landscape
Equipment: Camera: Leica SL 601, Lens: Voightlander
Specifications: 21mm f1.8, ISO 800-1600
Story: My family and I were in a rural part of Indonesia (Pulau Cinta) where we got to see the Milky Way above the ocean. The night before a massive storm...
University of South Australia SA
Title: Harmony
Style: Landscape
Equipment: Camera: 6D, Lens: Sigma 150-600mm
Specifications: f 5.6-6.3
Story: Sunset on my last day on a Kenyan safari. Animals of different species, grazing together in the last rays of the day.