InfluencesNatalia Drepina, Iness Richlyk, Tim Coad, Jessica Illichman, Jennifer Kent, Joachim Froese, Rebecca Dagnall
BioBeginning photography at school during year ten and twelve, fundamental skills were honed at Photographic Imaging College during a two-year diploma course. An invaluable element to understanding the medium was the exclusive use of black-and-white during the initial years. It helped develop an idea of form, contrast and composition. Subsequent years saw a demise in output, before the choice was made to enrol in a Bachelor of Fine Arts in the hope of re-establishing a practise. The course has helped immensely with concept development, as well as critical analysis and in-progress tutor and peer feedback. Equally critical has been the intensive focus on creating, without needing to divide time and energy between work. This particular series was helped by the isolation and landscape in which it was created, giving space for idea development without the distraction of daily routine.
University of Tasmania TAS
Title: The Red Thread of Fate
Style: Fine Art
Equipment: Canon 5D
Specifications: 50mm lens; varied aperture and exposure times
Story: This photographic series of six digital portrait-oriented triptychs depicts a male and female figure in various ...