Robin Malcolm Keith Hodda

BioRobin is a 21 year old amateur photographer who likes to escape the business of life and capture those quiet moments. He studies Software Engineering and Astrophysics at ANU and is passionate about renewable transport.
Australian National University ACT
Title: Gone Fishing
Style: Street
Equipment: Huawei P20 Pro
Specifications: 10mp f1.8 @27mm
Story: Walking around Lake Burley Griffin on a lovely warm everning, time seemed to slow and this fisherman and his rod blended in with the slow movement of...
Australian National University ACT
Title: Magic Moments
Style: Landscape
Equipment: Pentax K7
Specifications: 1/250 f/17 @70mm
Story: Photography is all about capturing a moment in ways human eyes can't. Somewhere in amongst the chaos of crashing waves is a beautiful, still...
Australian National University ACT
Title: Mountain Wind
Style: Landscape
Equipment: Canon 80d, sigma 17-70f2.8-4
Specifications: 1/60, f6.4 @17mm
Story: Walking the Kepler Track in New Zeland, you're up and away from surburban life. Above or in the clouds, the white noise of the wind over the...