InfluencesMy mum, she give me positivity and curiosity attributes to keep going and not give up.
BioMy artist's name is @triana.pura. I finish my diploma degree in music last year and now I am doing a Bachelor of art and design. I start painting and music as a therapy after an accident where I broke my back and neck. It put me in bed not able to move for a long time. My gold is to become an Art therapist and be able to help people with different struggles through art. At the end of the tunnel always there are light even if sometimes it is difficult to see.
Southern Cross University NSW
Title: Light in the dark side
Style: Fine Art
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Equipment: Skull, spray, glitter, acrylic paint , led light , camera
Specifications: This is a part of the installation that I just finished for my Bachelor.
Story: This piece is a little part of an installation about the dehumanization and defragmentation of the human race.
Southern Cross University NSW
Title: I am natural
Style: Fine Art
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Equipment: Doll, painting camera
Specifications: This doll is part of the University project about the oppression of woman in history.
Story: Symbolisation of the oppression of the woman in history. This doll wants t to break with all the patterns of what is "correct or incorrect"....