Dane Lewis

InfluencesNoir photography and bright colours
BioBringing together music, photos and videos. Dane is trying to create one cohesive aesthetic.
University of Technology, Sydney NSW
Title: The sun rises on ANZAC
Style: Landscape
Equipment: Samsung Galaxy S10 plus
Specifications: 3024 by 3024
Story: My dad was in the armed forces so on ANZAC day, in peak quarantine after the radio ANZAC day service, I walked down to the water in the silent dawn...
University of Technology, Sydney NSW
Title: Birkenhead Red Light District
Style: Street
Equipment: Samsung Galaxy s10 plus
Specifications: 2268 by 4032
Story: I love the batman comics aesthetic, love the joker as a character. I want my band Harlequin Alley to have a specific aesthetic so I went walking one...