Bethany Michaella

InfluencesJessica Kobeissi, Mango Street
BioEnthralled by photography at a young age, I used to spend hours in the garden taking extremely close, overly saturated and insanely blurry photos of flowers with my iPod. I have since grown from blurry flower photos, to portraiture. My love for sociology, psychology and philosophy has established a love for how individuals express their identities through portraiture photography. The human psyche is fascinating, and what better way to explore it than through the eyes of the society. Through the eyes of the lens.
University of Technology, Sydney NSW
Title: This Is Me
Style: People
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Equipment: Sony A7 Mark 11, Box lights, Lightroom
Specifications: JPEG, 6.4MGB
Story: Emerging out of a dark period in my life, I was craving a creative format. I booked a makeup artist, models, studio and an assistant, all with...