Lydia West

Influencesthe wind, the rain, or winter's cold.
BioFuelled by passionate creativity and curiosity of the unknown. Anywhere there’s good coffee + authentic conversation, I’ll be there.
University of Tasmania TAS
Year: 2020
Title: Sunset Reflection
Style: Landscape
Equipment: Camera
Specifications: Olympus PEN E-PL8 with 14-42 lens
Story: This was on my last night before moving across the state to start my Bachelor of Design with UTAS. My best friend and I got iced coffees and watched...
University of Tasmania TAS
Year: 2020
Title: TIME | Short Film
Style: Fine Art
Equipment: Stock Footage and Video Editing Software
Specifications: iMovie
Story: You took your first breath within 10 seconds of delivery. Since then you’ve been taking about 8 million every year. ...