christine spedding

InfluencesMax Dupain, Ansel Adams and naïve artists and children's art, there is a freedom and uncomplicated way children create, which often gets lost when we get older.
BioStudying Batchelor of Art and Design at Lismore Campus. Have used my art as a voice for my Asperger's. I love taking photos without people and leaving the story or feeling open to interpretation of the viewer. There is a cleanness and simplicity in made-made structures in the environment it creates a harmony or discord and gives a perspective that other wise would not be obvious.
Southern Cross University NSW
Year: 2020
Title: 'Cadran Solair'
Style: Other
Equipment: cannon OS 350D
Specifications: Digital Photo
Story: I find man made objects in the environment quite mesmerising. I was drawn to this particular sculpture because of its size, it is in fact quite small...